Outsourced Compliance

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Our compliance officers are gifted influencers and problem solvers,having navigated through the most complex compliance environments.

Our compliance officers are gifted influencers and problem solvers, having navigated through the most complex compliance environments. We are an experienced team of compliance professionals having held senior positions at various organisations.

Using our strategic and practical experience and knowledge of the regulatory landscape, we are able to offer you a complete regulatory service that is ideal for Accountable Institutions and Financial Services Provider looking for cutting edge compliance support.

Our Services are based on the uniqueness and complexity of business models, practices, strategies and compliance risks which we deliver using a collaborative and client-centric approach. Our compliance officers are assigned to clients based on industry and sector ensuring that you receive relevant professional and dedicated support at all times.

  • Subject matter expertise on current and emerging themes (Global panel of SME’s)
  • Risk and outcomes-based compliance monitoring reviews
  • Development of policy frameworks and monitoring plans
  • Guidance on implementing new legislation
  • Implementation support and project management
  • CIV remediation
  • Conceptual designs
  • Assistance with regulatory reporting and complaints management
  • General awareness training
  • Specialised training and development programs for compliance teams

Regulatory Themes

Anti-Money Laundering

Proliferation Financing

Data Privacy

Conduct Risk

Cybercrime Compliance

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

CIV Remediation

Pension Funds

JSE Compliance

CAT I, II and III Compliance Services

CAT I, II and III Deployed Compliance Officers

“An outsourced compliance officer can be an independent voice, and useful. “I can see that as being a valuable way to get an objective approach from someone whose futures and fortunes are not tied exclusively to that firm … and can afford to be forceful when there’s an issue that person sees.”

– SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce”

Start Up Package

  • Compile a regulatory universe
  • Develop monitoring plans for each core legislation.
  • Develop a policy and compliance framework
  • Assist with identifying controls and mapping it back to a monitoring plan
  • Develop operating standards
  • Design and facilitate general awareness training for each core legislation
  • Develop eLearning and explainer videos
  • Develop a compliance reporting dashboard
  • Conduct a regulatory risk business assessment

Combined Package

  • Develop monitoring plans for core legislation
  • Conduct risk and outcomes-based compliance reviews
  • POPIA compliance
  • FICA compliance
  • FAIS and TCF compliance
  • Cybercrime compliance

FICA Package

  • Develop a risk management compliance program
  • Develop a FICA monitoring plan
  • Conduct a risk and outcomes based compliance review
  • Develop key risk indicators for AML/CFT
  • Develop/review the rules and logic of the AML/CFT risk model
  • Develop the policy framework
  • Implementation of regtech solutions and operational controls

Conduct Risk Package

  • Navigate Compliance being appointed as external FSCA FAIS compliance officer, in terms of compliance agreement;
  • Attend to FSCA profile changes and queries
  • Legislative and policy monitoring reviews
  • Control adequacy and effectiveness reviews
  • Provide general compliance consulting and advisory services;
  • Develop and manage policy changes
  • Develop and maintain a compliance monitoring plan (facilitated by software)
  • Provide regular compliance updates and hot topic briefing sessions
  • Submitting relevant FSCA compliance reports
  • Provide detailed quarterly/ monthly internal compliance reports;
  • Reporting dashboard (facilitated by software) so that you have a complete view of your regulatory program at all times
  • Training support
  • Compliance officer and rep development programs

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