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The financial crime regulatory landscape is evolving amid political interventions, global events and evolving methods and trends to commit financial crime. Criminals are becoming increasingly connected and innovative and new approaches to tackling financial crime are needed.

Join us for an interactive and engaging discussion on emerging financial crime risks where thought leaders from 8 countries will be sharing their ideas and best practices for managing emerging risks.

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Compliance Webinar

The regulatory landscape in Africa is evolving, bringing with it challenges and opportunities for change. Join us for this interactive 3-part webinar series which explores the evolution of compliance in Africa.

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31st August:

1st Sept:

2nd Sept:

4th Sept:

Wildlife Crime threatens many species with extinction. It is a major transnational organised crime that fuels

bribery and corruption, threatens biodiversity and conservation, impacts tourism and promotes illicit flows

and activities. UN research estimates that Wildlife Crime is worth as much as 23 billion USD every year.

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Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

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